Monday, November 3, 2008

VOTE Dammit!

It's pretty simple really. 
The government is run by those who show up.
Unless you're a candidate you just have to do a little research and then show up to vote. That's it. Obligation fulfilled.
I hope you will vote for Barack Obama but the fact is that our democracy is only as strong as its' citizens participation level and diversity builds strength. If you don't agree with my choice, I need to hear from you even more than if you do because I already know what my ideas are. If your ideas are different than mine, they shed light to help me see my own strengths and weaknesses. 
I don't get to decide who runs the country and neither do you.
WE decide who runs the country.
Our direction stays most true with a diversity of perspectives so
 should get up off the damn couch
and vote.

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